These Extreme Sports Won’t Let You Down!

There are two kinds of people in this world. First are those who love amazing adventuresand are happy when they take part in it. The second ones, however, are a bit tricky to please for their desire for the thrill is too high and these are the kind of people who indulge in offbeat and xtreme sports. And yes, more often than not, these ultimate adventures are deadly and this blog is exactly about that! So presenting a list of 10 best adventure sports and activities for all those daredevils who love danger.

Air Kicking – a real life human catapult adventure

This extreme sport is weird but great fun. It involves a human catapult that launches people more than 26 feet in the air into a foaming pit or swimming pool. The distance of travel is calculated and one needs to sit on a specially constructed seat at the back of the catapult arm for an adrenaline pumping liftoff. Around 60 liters of water is then pumped through a rocket nozzle and bam! in no time, you’re up in the air kicking the air as you fall into the swimming pool or the foaming pit. Too much fun, we’d say!

Powerbocking – super human adventure abilities

Adding super human grace to its user, Powerbocks are a mix between a pogo stick and a trampoline. They allow its wearer to run extra fast, jump extra high, and stride in a grand manner. Also known as jumping stilts, spring stilts, and kangaroo boots among others, these offer a thrilling adventure experience like none other. So if you are one of those who desires a bionic super human feel and wishes to perform acrobats, powerbocking is the ultimate adventure for you.

Street Luging- faster, better & more thrilling than car racing

It has long been a fact that man is attracted to speed and Street Luging offers just that. The xtreme adventure sport involves lying low on a modified skateboard, two inches from the tarmac and swooping down the hills at unimaginable speeds. One would need racing leathers, army shoes, a highly protective helmet, a decent private road, and a lot of courage to do this. And yes, in the end, it is all worth it.

Mountain Unicycling – treading the hills on one wheel

Mountain Unicycling is no piece of cake but once you learn it, there is no going back for the thrill on the stake is unimaginable. A perfect adventure sport for those who like to travel the roads less taken, one can literally traverse a mountain train on a cycle with one wheel. Now, this is one the best amazing adventures one can have!

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